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Get Power And Average Sample Number


Returns the power and average sample number of the specified design.


getPowerAndAverageSampleNumber(design, theta = seq(-1, 1, 0.02), nMax = 100)



The trial design.


A vector of standardized effect sizes (theta values), default is a sequence from -1 to 1.


The maximum sample size. Must be a positive integer of length 1.


This function returns the power and average sample number (ASN) of the specified design for the prototype case which is testing H0: mu = mu0 in a one-sample design. theta represents the standardized effect (mu - mu0) / sigma and power and ASN is calculated for maximum sample size nMax. For other designs than the one-sample test of a mean the standardized effect needs to be adjusted accordingly.


Returns a PowerAndAverageSampleNumberResult object. The following generics (R generic functions) are available for this result object:

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See Also

Other design functions: getDesignCharacteristics(), getDesignConditionalDunnett(), getDesignFisher(), getDesignGroupSequential(), getDesignInverseNormal(), getGroupSequentialProbabilities()


# Calculate power, stopping probabilities, and expected sample 
# size for the default design with specified theta and nMax  
    theta = seq(-1, 1, 0.5), nMax = 100)

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