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Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median


Functions to convert pi, lambda and median values into each other.


getLambdaByPi(piValue, eventTime = 12L, kappa = 1)

getLambdaByMedian(median, kappa = 1)

getHazardRatioByPi(pi1, pi2, eventTime = 12L, kappa = 1)

getPiByLambda(lambda, eventTime = 12L, kappa = 1)

getPiByMedian(median, eventTime = 12L, kappa = 1)

getMedianByLambda(lambda, kappa = 1)

getMedianByPi(piValue, eventTime = 12L, kappa = 1)


piValue, pi1, pi2, lambda, median

Value that shall be converted.


The assumed time under which the event rates are calculated, default is 12.


A numeric value > 0. A kappa != 1 will be used for the specification of the shape of the Weibull distribution. Default is 1, i.e., the exponential survival distribution is used instead of the Weibull distribution. Note that the Weibull distribution cannot be used for the piecewise definition of the survival time distribution, i.e., only piecewiselambda (as a single value) and kappa can be specified. This function is equivalent to pweibull(t, shape = kappa, scale = 1 / lambda) of the stats package, i.e., the scale parameter is 1 / 'hazard rate'.
For example, getPiecewiseExponentialDistribution(time = 130, piecewiseLambda = 0.01, kappa = 4.2) and pweibull(q = 130, shape = 4.2, scale = 1 / 0.01) provide the sample result.


Can be used, e.g., to convert median values into pi or lambda values for usage in getSampleSizeSurvival or getPowerSurvival.


Returns a numeric value or vector will be returned.

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