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Set Output Format


With this function the format of the standard outputs of all rpact objects can be changed and set user defined respectively.


  parameterName = NA_character_,
  digits = NA_integer_,
  nsmall = NA_integer_,
  trimSingleZeros = NA,
  futilityProbabilityEnabled = NA,
  file = NA_character_,
  resetToDefault = FALSE,
  roundFunction = NA_character_



The name of the parameter whose output format shall be edited. Leave the default NA_character_ if the output format of all parameters shall be edited.


Ensures that all arguments (starting from the "...") are to be named and that a warning will be displayed if unknown arguments are passed.


How many significant digits are to be used for a numeric value. The default, NULL, uses getOption("digits"). Allowed values are 0 <= digits <= 20.


The minimum number of digits to the right of the decimal point in formatting real numbers in non-scientific formats. Allowed values are 0 <= nsmall <= 20.


If TRUE zero values will be trimmed in the output, e.g., "0.00" will displayed as "0"


If TRUE very small value (< 1e-09) will be displayed as "0", default is FALSE.


An optional file name of an existing text file that contains output format definitions (see Details for more information).


If TRUE all output formats will be reset to default value. Note that other settings will be executed afterwards if specified, default is FALSE.


A character value that specifies the R base round function to use, default is NA_character_. Allowed values are "ceiling", "floor", "trunc", "round", "signif", and NA_character_.


Output formats can be written to a text file (see getOutputFormat()). To load your personal output formats read a formerly saved file at the beginning of your work with rpact, e.g. execute setOutputFormat(file = "my_rpact_output_formats.txt").

Note that the parameterName must not match exactly, e.g., for p-values the following parameter names will be recognized amongst others:

  1. p value

  2. p.values

  3. p-value

  4. pValue

  5. rpact.output.format.p.value

See Also

format for details on the function used internally to format the values.

Other output formats: getOutputFormat()


# show output format of p values
## Not run: 
# set new p value output format
setOutputFormat("p.value", digits = 5, nsmall = 5)

# show sample sizes as smallest integers not less than the not rounded values
setOutputFormat("sample size", digits = 0, nsmall = 0, roundFunction = "ceiling")

# show sample sizes as smallest integers not greater than the not rounded values
setOutputFormat("sample size", digits = 0, nsmall = 0, roundFunction = "floor")

# set new sample size output format without round function
setOutputFormat("sample size", digits = 2, nsmall = 2)

# reset sample size output format to default
setOutputFormat("sample size")
getOutputFormat("sample size")

## End(Not run)

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