rawDataTwoArmNormal {rpact}R Documentation

Raw Dataset Of A Two Arm Continuous Outcome With Covariates


An artificial dataset that was randomly generated with simulated normal data. The data set has six variables:

1. Subject id 2. Stage number 3. Group name 4. An example outcome in that we are interested in 5. The first covariate *gender* 6. The second covariate *covariate*




A data.frame object.


See the vignette "Two-arm analysis for continuous data with covariates from raw data" to learn how to

* import raw data from a csv file, * calculate estimated adjusted (marginal) means (EMMs, least-squares means) for a linear model, and * perform two-arm interim analyses with these data.

You can use rawDataTwoArmNormal to reproduce the examples in the vignette.

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