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Get Number Of Subjects


Returns the number of recruited subjects at given time vector.


  accrualTime = c(0, 12),
  accrualIntensity = 0.1,
  accrualIntensityType = c("auto", "absolute", "relative"),
  maxNumberOfSubjects = NA_real_



A numeric vector with time values.


Ensures that all arguments (starting from the "...") are to be named and that a warning will be displayed if unknown arguments are passed.


The assumed accrual time intervals for the study, default is c(0, 12) (for details see getAccrualTime()).


A numeric vector of accrual intensities, default is the relative intensity 0.1 (for details see getAccrualTime()).


A character value specifying the accrual intensity input type. Must be one of "auto", "absolute", or "relative"; default is "auto", i.e., if all values are < 1 the type is "relative", otherwise it is "absolute".


If maxNumberOfSubjects > 0 is specified, the end of accrual at specified accrualIntensity for the specified number of subjects is determined or accrualIntensity is calculated at fixed end of accrual.


Calculate number of subjects over time range at given accrual time vector and accrual intensity. Intensity can either be defined in absolute or relative terms (for the latter, maxNumberOfSubjects needs to be defined)
The function is used by getSampleSizeSurvival().


Returns a NumberOfSubjects object. The following generics (R generic functions) are available for this result object:

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See Also

AccrualTime for defining the accrual time.


getNumberOfSubjects(time = seq(10, 70, 10), accrualTime = c(0, 20, 60), 
    accrualIntensity = c(5, 20))
getNumberOfSubjects(time = seq(10, 70, 10), accrualTime = c(0, 20, 60), 
    accrualIntensity = c(0.1, 0.4), maxNumberOfSubjects = 900)

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