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Get Closed Combination Test Results


Calculates and returns the results from the closed combination test in multi-arm and population enrichment designs.





The results at given stage, obtained from getStageResults().


Returns a ClosedCombinationTestResults object. The following generics (R generic functions) are available for this result object:

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See Also

Other analysis functions: getAnalysisResults(), getClosedConditionalDunnettTestResults(), getConditionalPower(), getConditionalRejectionProbabilities(), getFinalConfidenceInterval(), getFinalPValue(), getRepeatedConfidenceIntervals(), getRepeatedPValues(), getStageResults(), getTestActions()


## Not run: 
# In a four-stage combination test design with O'Brien & Fleming boundaries
# at the first stage the second treatment arm was dropped. With the Bonferroni
# intersection test, the results of a closed adaptive test procedure are
# obtained as follows with the given data (treatment arm 4 refers to the
# reference group):
data <- getDataset(
    n1 = c(22, 23),
    n2 = c(21, NA),
    n3 = c(20, 25),
    n4 = c(25, 27),
    means1 = c(1.63, 1.51),
    means2 = c(1.4, NA),
    means3 = c(0.91, 0.95),
    means4 = c(0.83, 0.75),
    stds1 = c(1.2, 1.4),
    stds2 = c(1.3, NA),
    stds3 = c(1.1, 1.14),
    stds4 = c(1.02, 1.18)
design <- getDesignInverseNormal(kMax = 4)
stageResults <- getStageResults(design,
    dataInput = data,
    intersectionTest = "Bonferroni"
## End(Not run)

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